EU Parliament to endorse new circular economy regulation

In addition to backing an EU-wide ban on planned obsolescence, the environment committee has expanded the proposal to include a ban on destroying unsold goods like textiles and electronics.

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The environment committee of the European Parliament has supported the EU’s proposed ecodesign regulation, which aims to make sustainable products by promoting repair, reuse, and recycling, reducing their impact on the environment. The committee supported an EU-wide ban on planned obsolescence and expanded the original proposal to include a ban on the destruction of unsold goods such as textiles, footwear, and electronic appliances.

This implies that mobile devices should have software updates and repair-friendly features for long-term use, and companies must disclose the number and reasons for destroying products, with plans for expanding destruction bans to other categories in the future.

The regulation introduces digital product passports that provide consumers with information on repairing, recycling, and the environmental impact of products, which will be comparable via an online platform. Metallurgic products, textiles, furniture, tyres, and chemicals will receive priority. 

The regulation will be voted on in the full Parliament plenary next month and is expected to gain wide support. It aims to extend product lifespan and facilitate repair, ensuring that new products are designed sustainably. The law is scheduled to be approved with the support of the EU member states before the end of the year.