EU increases pan-African Internet connectivity with €30 million

The European Union (EU) has announced a further €30 million will be invested in the “AfricaConnect” project which is expected to provide affordable high-speed internet access for research and education networks across the African continent. The enhanced internet connectivity will facilitate greater African involvement in research projects and provide capacity to training institutions to develop and leverage more sophisticated applications within their learning environments. Over 800 higher education and research institutions have been connected since the 2014 project launch improving high speed access while significantly lowering costs. The following African Regional and Education Networks will receive the additional €30 million: 

  • UbuntuNet Alliance (Eastern and Southern Africa),

  • WACREN (Western and Central Africa) and

  • ASREN (Northern Africa and Middle East Arab countries) as well as

  • GÉANT, Europe’s leading collaboration on e-infrastructure and services for research and education and operator of the GÉANT pan-European Research and Education Network.