EU High-Level Expert Group publishes AI policy and investment recommendations

Within a few months of presenting their Ethics guidelines for trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI), the High-Level Expert Group on AI – established by the European Commission in 2018 – released a set of Policy and investment recommendations for trustworthy AI. The document outlines 33 recommendations for EU institutions and member states, to guide the development of AI that can ensure sustainability, growth, competitiveness, and inclusion. Among others, the group recommends that AI is developed in such a way that it empowers and protects human and society. Then, policy-makers should adopt a tailored approach when positioning the EU in the AI landscape, by assessing the different needs and sensitivities raised by AI systems. Securing a single European market to trustworthy AI, strengthening research capabilities, and raising awareness and providing education on AI are some of the other recommendations. Following up on the group’s previous work, the European Commission also launched a piloting phase of the ethics guidelines, allowing interested organisations to test the assessment list of trustworthy AI.