ETSI establishes specification group on securing AI

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has established an Industry Specification Group on Securing Artificial Intelligence, to work on developing technical specifications to mitigate threats arising from the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI). The group will focus on three main areas: (a) securing AI from attacks (where AI is part of a system that needs to be protected); (b) mitigating against AI (where AI is a source of risk itself, e.g. when it is used to enhance other more conventional attacks); (c) using AI to enhance security measures against attacks. As part of its work, the group will develop an AI Threat Ontology, to help develop a common understanding on what constitutes an AI threat and align the terminology currently in use across different stakeholders and industry. As a final output, the group will develop technical standards to identify, block and neutralise threats to/from AI, and on the use of AI to enhance security. It will also elaborate recommendations on how to mitigate threats to/from AI across different domains.