Estonia battles a series of DDoS attacks during August  

Estonian public authorities and businesses are facing a large number of DDoS attacks during the month of August 2022. Infosecurity Magazine talked about this issue with Tõnu Tammer, the Head of the Incident Response Department (CERT-EE). Estonia has not been the only Eastern European country at risk of potential cyberattacks since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February this year. Strengthening the cyber-defences of these actors is highly recommended.

According to Infosecurity Magazine, Estonian public authorities and businesses have been the subject of increased large-scale distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks in August. The Head of the Incident Response Department (CERT-EE), Tõnu Tammer, said that these attacks are a daily occurrence in Estonian cyberspace. Nevertheless, the Estonian Information System Authority (RIA) is highlighting that data confidentiality is not at risk, as attackers are not able to access or change the data. On 18 August, Estonia faced the most extensive cyberattack since 2007.

Since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, Russian stated-backed cybercriminals have been believed to be the main suspect in numerous cyberattacks on neighbouring countries. Governments in Eastern Europe are therefore advised to heighten their alerts and ensure their cyber-defences are as robust as they can be.