Ericsson and Intel join forces to revolutionise 5G infrastructure

Ericsson and Intel collaborate to enhance 5G infrastructure, manufacturing custom 5G SoCs and optimizing cloud RAN solutions. The partnership aims to boost network capacity, energy efficiency, and scalability, while accelerating open RAN adoption with Intel Xeon platforms.

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Ericsson and Intel have joined forces in a collaboration to optimise 5G infrastructure. As part of this partnership, Intel will utilise its advanced 18A process and manufacturing technology to produce custom 5G System-on-Chips (SoCs) specifically designed for Ericsson, resulting in the development of highly specialised products.

In addition to the above, this collaboration will extend to enhancing Ericsson’s cloud RAN solutions by optimising 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors with Intel vRAN. The primary objective of this joint effort is to enhance network capacity, energy efficiency, flexibility, and scalability for communications service providers.

Moreover, the two companies have plans to accelerate industry-scale open RAN adoption through the utilisation of standard Intel Xeon-based platforms. This initiative aims to foster the implementation of agile and automated 5G networks, thereby promoting a more seamless and efficient 5G ecosystem.