Employees at Fortune 1000 telecom companies are some of the most exposed on darkweb, researchers report

Employees at Fortune 1000 telecommunications companies are facing an alarming level of exposure on darkweb, according to a report by researchers at threat intelligence firm SpyCloud.

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A recent report by threat intelligence firm SpyCloud has shed light on the alarming vulnerability of employees at Fortune 1000 telecommunications companies on dark web sites. The report reveals that researchers have uncovered approximately 6.34 million pairs of credentials, including corporate email addresses and passwords, which are likely associated with employees in the telecommunications sector.

The report highlights this as an ‘extreme’ rate of exposure compared to other sectors. In comparison, SpyCloud’s findings uncovered 7.52 million pairs of credentials belonging to employees in the tech sector, but this encompassed a significantly larger pool of 167 Fortune 1000 companies.

Media reports that these findings underscore the heightened risk faced by employees within the telecommunications industry, as their credentials are more readily available on dark web platforms. The compromised credentials pose a significant threat to the affected individuals and their respective companies, as cybercriminals can exploit them for various malicious activities such as unauthorized access, data breaches, and targeted attacks.