Emphasize service quality as 5G expansion continues, telecom operators advised

Meenakshi Gupta, a member of Trai, highlighted that the service quality expectations for 5G networks can be established by considering improvements in network capabilities for enhanced mobile broadband, low latency communication, and high device density services.


As Indian telecom providers build their 5G networks, they must prioritize service quality. Meenakshi Gupta, a Trai member, has stated that delivering high-quality service should not be viewed as a byproduct of network implementation but as a critical component in establishing consumer trust and utility.

Gupta has emphasized the specific service quality requirements for 5G networks, which include increased mobile broadband, ultra-reliable low latency communications, and massive machine type communication (mMTC) services. While 4G networks can provide guaranteed quality of service for voice and data, the user experience is not always adequate. This is becoming increasingly crucial since new gaming and augmented reality applications demand infinite bandwidth.

Furthermore, Gupta has emphasized the importance of allocating common resources to high-priority services without compromising the quality of service for other types of services. She has also pointed out the flexibility of 5G networks in terms of design and resource allocation. Failing to meet the requirements for quality of service could have serious consequences, particularly for critical use cases like remote surgery. Therefore, as India expands its 5G networks, telecom operators must prioritize and maintain the quality of service in order to ensure optimal consumer experience and satisfaction.