Elon Musk fights back against claims of antisemitism

Elon Musk threatens lawsuit against those responsible for major advertisers withdrawing their support from his platform.

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X platform owner Elon Musk breaks silence on claims that advertisements by corporations IBM, Oracle, and Comcast were strategically positioned alongside antisemitic content on his platform. The business mogul announced his intention to file a ‘thermonuclear lawsuit’ against those responsible for orchestrating the withdrawal of some of the biggest advertisers on X.

Media watchdog Media Matters reported last week that advertisers’ content is appearing next to antisemitic content, soon after Musk endorsed a post accusing Jews of spreading hate against whites. The White House also chimed in to condemn Musk’s promotion of ‘antisemitism and racist hate’, precisely at a time when scores of Jews are losing their lives daily in the war in Gaza. Musk affirmed his right to promote free speech.

Why does it matter?

Musk’s choice to speak out is relevant for two main reasons. The widespread claims of antisemitism have already begun to accelerate X’s falling profits as companies like Apple pull out its $100 million in annual ads. The company also risks losing users over the claims. From the perspective of the power big tech wields over the global public, platform operators must be held accountable for how their sites are used, particularly as it relates to divisive issues.