Elon Musk confirms Twitter will comply with EU content moderation rules

Musk reaffirmed Twitter’s commitment to comply with EU content moderation rules in an interview, but clarified that the platform will not exceed the limits defined by legislation.

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Elon Musk discussed Twitter’s compliance with EU content moderation rules in an interview with a French broadcaster. He confirmed that Twitter would adhere to EU laws in combating online disinformation and hate speech. Musk emphasised that Twitter would follow the law but not go beyond the limits set by legislation. 

Although Twitter was designated as a platform subject to stricter regulations under the EU’s Digital Services Act, Musk recently pulled the company out of the EU’s anti-disinformation code. European officials expressed criticism and stated that fighting disinformation would become a legal obligation under the act. 

Musk expressed his desire for Twitter to foster positive interactions and promote better understanding among people with different perspectives. He dismissed concerns about advertisers leaving Twitter and claimed less hate speech was on the platform, despite evidence suggesting an increase in antisemitic tweets after his acquisition.