Elon Musk claims China supports global cooperation for AI regulation.

Elon Musk reveals China’s keen interest in global collaboration for AI regulation, sharing details of productive discussions held during his visit.

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Elon Musk recently shared that China is interested in participating in a cooperative global approach to regulating AI. In a Twitter Spaces session with US congressmen, Musk revealed that during his recent visit to China, he had discussions that indicated China’s willingness to engage in an international framework for AI regulation. Musk, who has been a strong advocate for AI regulations and oversight, emphasised that he had productive conversations about this topic during his meetings in China. According to Musk, China is enthusiastic about collaborating on establishing international rules for AI and is prepared to contribute to its development. China has expressed positive intentions toward emerging technologies, and Musk holds an optimistic perspective on China’s future in this regard.

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has recently introduced interim guidelines mandating that AI services in China must undergo classification, grading, security assessments, and algorithm filing procedures before being publicly launched. These regulations will be effective starting from 15 August. This proactive measure by the CAC is widely regarded as a positive step in the right direction, highlighting China’s commitment to ensuring the responsible and secure deployment of AI technologies.