Elon Musk acknowledges his posts may have damaged X’s finances

In a candid admission, Elon Musk acknowledged that his online posts had a more significant negative impact on X’s financial standing than they did to bolster it.

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In a recent deposition, Elon Musk acknowledged that his tweets, especially those related to a lawsuit, may have negatively affected his company’s financial standing. The deposition revealed Musk’s admission of having a ‘limited understanding’ of the lawsuit against him, filed by Ben Brody last fall for defamation.

During the nearly two-hour testimony, Musk expressed confusion about the litigation and its details, accusing Brody’s attorney of pursuing a cash grab. The focus of the lawsuit revolves around Musk’s promotion of a far-right conspiracy theory linking Brody to a brawl in Oregon between the Proud Boys and a local neo-Nazi group.

Musk’s engagement with users pushing the conspiracy theory on X (Twitter), including a tweet suggesting Brody’s involvement in a ‘false flag’ operation, raised concerns. Despite Musk’s claims that the reach of his tweets wasn’t significant, Brody’s attorney estimated that the tweet was viewed by over a million people, raising questions about its impact and repercussions.

Additionally, Musk’s admission of owning an account where he role-played as his toddler son, alongside his dismissal of the harm caused to Brody, underscores the complexities surrounding social media usage and its consequences. The deposition sheds light on the challenges that influential figures like Musk face and corporate responsibility in the digital age.