Egyptian government unveils new projects to promote digital transformation in the education and justice sectors

In its endeavors to promote digital transformation and provide citizens with improved digital government services in line with Egypt Vision 2030, the Egyptian government revealed new projects. The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MoHESR) announced that new infrastructure and information systems will be developed in public universities, technical institutes, research centers, and university hospitals at a cost of US$465mln. This includes automated tests, e-learning systems, university hospital automation, and an international student portal. Additionally, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) unveiled a project to develop its Economic Courts (EC) in cooperation with Microsoft and Link Development. Through this cooperation, a digital justice platform will be developed to ensure accessible justice to all using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to automate and integrate end-to-end judiciary processes and services, including legal case filing, assignment, scheduling, distribution, transfers, management, and others. Through an integrated online portal, citizens, lawyers, and legal case stakeholders can register, e-file new cases, follow up on cases’ progress, set appointments, receive judges’ decisions, make e-payments, and more.