EDPS releases its opinion on the European strategy for data

The EDPS has released its opinion on the “European strategy for data”, following its publication by the European Commission on 19 February 2020. This Opinion presents the EDPS view on the Data Strategy as a whole, as well as on certain specific aspects, such as the notion of “public good”, Open Data, use of data for scientific research, data intermediaries, data altruism, international data sharing and others. The EDPS underlines that one of the objectives of the Data Strategy should be to prove the viability and sustainability of an alternative data economy model -open, fair and democratic. Furthermore, this Opinion takes into account the unprecedented global crisis, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected all aspects of our life.  In this context, the EDPS reiterates his position that data protection is not the problem but part of the solution.   Data and technology   can play an important role in the overcoming the crisis in combination   with other factors, as there is no “silver bullet” for something as complex like this.