eCommerce Action 2017 arrests 76 members of criminal networks

The eCommerce Action 2017 (eComm 2017), a joint law enforcement operation which took place in the first two weeks of June, resulted in the arrest of 76 members of internet based criminal networks suspected of online fraud activities. The suspects were allegedly responsible for more than 20.000 fraudulent transactions, with an estimated value exceeding EUR 5 million. The eComm 2017 targeted criminal networks and the locations where illegally purchased goods had been delivered. Law enforcement and private sector formed teams for practical cooperation in 26 countries. The overall coordination of eComm 2017 was under the responsibility of Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre. Some of the suspects have been involved in other forms of crime, such as identity fraud, phishing, cyber-attacks, romance fraud, illegal use of stolen passports, illegal immigration, online child sexual exploitation, drugs trafficking and money laundering.