ECA regional review meeting on Africa’s contribution to GDC

The ECA Digital Center of Excellence in Cape Town is hosting a regional review meeting on Africa’s commitments to the GDC. The conference focuses on universal internet access, privacy, human rights, discrimination, and artificial intelligence regulation.

In Cape Town, South Africa, the Economic Commission for Africa’s (ECA) Digital Center of Excellence hosts a regional review meeting on Africa’s commitments to the Global Digital Compact (GDC). The summit will take place on July 4-5 and will bring together officials from government institutions and civil society groups to propose and discuss Africa’s contribution to the GDC. 

The UN acknowledges the potential of digital technologies to revolutionize society worldwide and underlines the importance of international collaboration in harnessing their advantages and mitigating threats. The UN seeks feedback from individuals, organizations, and entities worldwide to develop a comprehensive agreement that represents the needs and ambitions of individuals, organizations, and entities worldwide.

Rwanda and Sweden have been named co-facilitators in the GDC intergovernmental process. The African regional review conference will focus on achieving universal internet access, preserving people’s privacy and cybersecurity, ensuring human rights online, enhancing digital skills, combatting discrimination and misleading information, and regulating AI, among others.