ECA plans to establish AI research center in Congo Brazzaville

The Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) is in the process of establishing the African Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (ARCAI) in Congo Brazzaville. The main objective of the ARCAI is to conduct research on artificial intelligence (AI) focusing on a human-centered approach to capitalise on the benefits and counter the challenges of development and use of artificial intelligence for the socio-economic development of the continent. ‘The Center will undertake research on the legal, ethical, economic and societal implications of Artificial Intelligence technologies, as well as develop artificial intelligence-based tools, products, and services,’ said ECA Technology, Climate Change and Natural Resource Management Division Economic Affairs Officer Mactar Seck. To this aim, the ECA convened a validation workshop to approve the strategic document to establish the ARCAI with the support of ECA and other partner organisations.