East Africa has the lowest Internet cost in Africa, reported ICT Research Africa

A new research published by ICT Research Africa found that East Africa is the region that has the cheapest Internet access in the continent and Tanzania is on top with USD 8.5, then Rwanda (USD 8.6), Kenya (USD 9.6), Uganda (10.76), and Brundi USD (11.9) as of September 2019. The research, which compares the prices of 1GB of daily mobile Internet data in 45 African countries, has calculated these figures taking into account the mean charges of the total Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in each country. That said, the cost of data is still controversial in Africa seeing the food insecurity and low income in many African countries. Yet, while the highest price in Africa was reported in eSwatini at USD 84 followed by Zimbabwe at USD 3.47, they became more affordable compared to past years.