Dutch chipmaker Nexperia faces cyberattack

Sensitive data, such as trade secrets and customer information from tech companies like Apple, Huawei, and SpaceX, was reportedly at risk.

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Nexperia, a Dutch chipmaker, has confirmed a recent cyberattack, prompting an urgent investigation with cybersecurity experts. The breach, discovered in March 2024, involved unauthorised access to Nexperia’s IT servers, as revealed in a statement released Friday.

In response to this cyberattack, Nexperia isolated the compromised systems and initiated extensive mitigation efforts to contain the breach. The first reports published by Dutch broadcaster RTL indicated that cybercriminals had leaked confidential documents on the dark web and demanded a ransom. Allegedly, sensitive data, including trade secrets and customer information from tech giants like Apple, Huawei, and SpaceX, was at risk.

Nexperia has alerted the Dutch Data Protection Authority and law enforcement and is closely monitoring developments in an ongoing investigation.

The ransomware group named Dark Angels (aka Dunghill) claimed responsibility for the attack.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Nexperia operates globally with over 15,000 employees and specialises in semiconductor production. It ships billions of products annually.