Duch regulator issues draft decision on Wholesale Local Access fixed broadband internet market

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) has concluded that the retail markets for fixed internet access are sufficiently competitive and sees no reason to further investigate the market for local wholesale access.

Hand of man holding The network cables to connect Lan port connect SFP module port in the Datacenter

A draft decision regarding the fixed broadband internet market for wholesale local access has been published by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM).

ACM investigated the national market for business network services following an analysis of the retail market for fixed internet access, which revealed that five distinct geographic markets could be distinguished. However, the regulator has not found any risk of significant market power in any of these markets and believes that these retail markets are, or will become, sufficiently competitive, so it sees no reason to further investigate the market for local wireless internet.

ACM began looking at the need for Telecommunications Act-based regulation and/or Competition Act-based involvement in the middle of 2020. Based on this analysis, ACM predicted some market risks in the wholesale market access conditions to KPN and Glaspoort’s fiber-optic network. ACM declared in July 2021 that it would create a market analysis decision. ACM received promises from KPN and Glaspoort in March 2022. Following deliberation, ACM made these pledges binding in August 2022. The commitments were added as new data when ACM started its inquiry in September for the market analysis judgement.