Dublin City University’s study found gender inequality has a negative impact on media freedom

The study conducted by Dublin City University in partnership with the National Women’s Council (NVC) found that Irish female journalists face up to various types of online hostility and makes recommendations to promote gender equality.

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The study, conducted by Dublin City University in collaboration with the National Women’s Council (NWC), discovered that Irish female journalists suffer up to 15 forms of online abuse.

Dr Dawn Whitley is the study’s author, and the study’s purpose is to offer suggestions such as ensuring that social media firms respond more swiftly to reported posts and aiming to avoid more harmful information by improved monitoring and verification of users.

According to the study, aggressive, sexually violent language or imagery, gender slurs or insults based on physical appearance, filming or photographing situations on the street, and online mocking garner more negative attention than others and devalue professionalism.

According to Ivanna Youtchak, a leader of NWC violence against women, the online hatred directed at female politicians influences democracy. Journalists who took part in the survey stated that they had to deal with gender-based insults and harassment over time and that specific comments were harsh for them.