Discord.io confirms breach after hacker steals 760,000 users’ data

The breach has prompted the custom invite service to temporarily shut down.

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The custom invite service Discord.io has been temporarily shut down after it suffered a data breach that exposed the information of 760,000 of its members. Members’ usernames, email addresses, billing addresses, passwords, and Discord IDs are the most sensitive information in the breach.

Discord.io has confirmed the authenticity of the breach in an announcement on its Discord server and website. In response, it has begun the process of temporarily shutting down its services and cancelling all paid memberships.

Discord.io says it has been contacted by the person behind the breach, known as Akhirah. It has not disclosed any information about how it was breached. Akhirah told BleepingComputer that in exchange for not selling or leaking the stolen database, they would prefer to wait for Discord.io’s operators to contact them about removing allegedly offensive material from the site.

Discord.io, which allows server owners to create custom invites to their channels, is not an official Discord site. The majority of the community has been built around the service’s own Discord server, which has over 14,000 members.