Digital with Purpose: Delivering a SMARTer2030

Deloitte and GeSI released a new report that looks at the impact of digital technology on the SDGs under the title Digital with Purpose: Delivering a SMARTer2030. The report underpins the ‘powerful impact’ of digital technologies and examines the interplay between the deployment of digital technologies and the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs). In this vein, the report identifies and quantifies how digital technologies can help governments, businesses, and philanthropic organisations accelerate their efforts to achieve each of the 17 SDGs. It also outlines four ‘impact functions’ the correlate the technologies with their impact: a) connect and communicate people to each other, b) monitor and track the real-time, extensive observation of the world and its natural and man-made system, c) analyse, optimise, and predict the development of insights from data, and the use of these insights to drive process efficiency and infer the future, and d) augment and automate provision of an ‘active bridge’ between digital and physical, from simulation through augmentation to the creation of autonomous systems.