Digital Inclusion Taskforce launched to tackle Greater Manchester’s digital divide

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) announced the launch of the Greater Manchester Digital Inclusion Taskforce to address the barriers of digital exclusion and inequality in Internet access through a collaborative approach informed by local needs, shared learning, resources, and expertise. To this aim, senior leaders, industry, community groups, and local government will be represented in the task force which will meet for the first time on 10 December. The task force called upon individuals who are active in the digital inclusion space or benefits from people being online to support addressing barriers such as connectivity, accessibility, affordability, skills, motivation, and confidence. ‘I’m proud to announce our intention that Greater Manchester be a 100% digitally-enabled city-region, a region that puts people at the heart of our plans. Access to the digital world should be a basic human right, everyone in Greater Manchester whatever their age, location, or situation, should be able to benefit from the opportunity’s digital brings.’ noted GMCA Councillor Sean Fielding.