Digital Economy and Society Index 2021: overall progress in digital transition but need for new EU-wide efforts

The European Union (EU) published its annual Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) which measures the progress of EU Member States towards a digital economy and society, on the basis of both Eurostat data and specialised studies and collection methods. According to the report, all EU Member States have made progress in digitalisation, but the overall picture across Member States is mixed, and despite some convergence, the gap between the EU’s frontrunners and those with the lowest DESI scores remains large. Despite these improvements, all Member States will need to make concerted efforts to meet the 2030 targets as set out in Europe’s Digital Decade. The report further provides updates on the progress made on different issues including connectivity, digital skills, integration of digital technologies, and digital public services. ‘Setting ourselves 2030 targets was an important step, but now we need to deliver. Today’s DESI shows progress, but also where we need to get better collectively to ensure that European citizens and businesses, in particular SMEs, can access and use cutting-edge technologies that will make their lives better, safer, and greener,’ Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton.