Digital Earth Africa establishes satellite office in Kenya to drive research and policy-making

The move will enable harnessing earth observation data for food security, environmental conservation, and climate change mitigation.


Digital Earth Africa has unveiled a cutting-edge satellite office at Kenya’s Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) to bolster research efforts and advance policy-making processes nationwide.

Equipped with a vast repository of earth observation data, the facility enables researchers and analysts to access historical satellite images spanning more than three decades. The initiative seeks to foster collaboration among governments, industries, and researchers to address critical challenges, including food security, environmental conservation, and climate change mitigation. For example, the data will facilitate examining changes in agricultural patterns over different periods and analyzing urbanization trends in African cities.

The strong demand from regional users and an existing partnership with the RCMRD influenced the decision to establish the satellite office in Kenya. The strategic move also aims to raise awareness about the power of earth observation data in catalyzing research and decision-making processes, with ongoing collaborative projects showcasing the value of this endeavor.

Why does it matter?

Establishing Digital Earth Africa’s satellite office in Kenya signifies a pivotal step towards harnessing the potential of earth observation data for evidence-based decision-making and formulating effective policies. By providing valuable insights into the past and present through earth observation data, this initiative has the capacity to shape a more sustainable and resilient future for the continent.