DFID supports access to mobile phone technologies in underserved regions

The Department of International Development launched a GBP 38 million partnership with GSMA to improve access to essential digital services to over 26 million people around the world over the next 3.5 years. The ‘Partnership for Inclusion, Innovation and Scale’ aims to uphold GSMA efforts vis-à-vis digital inclusion, digital identity, energy, water, sanitation, and the reduction of the mobile gender gap as well as new areas of support including disability and climate. It further meant to introduce critical insights on the needs of the underserved and promote mobile-enabled innovations and business models aiming at espousing inclusion at scale. “This landmark partnership with DFID reinforces the joint power and potential of the private and public sectors working together and ensures that we will continue our crucial role of stimulating digital innovation to deliver both sustainable business and large-scale socio-economic impact for the underserved. This project reinforces our commitment to supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and using the power of technology to reduce global inequalities,” noted GSMA Director General Mats Granryd.