Data act: member states agree common position on fair access to and use of data

Member states’ representatives have agreed on a common position for the data act, ensuring fair access and use of data. This legislation aims to empower individuals and businesses by enhancing data portability, enabling easy transfer between services, including smart devices. The act will grant more control to consumers and companies over the usage of data from their connected products.


The EU member states’ representatives (Coreper) reached a common position (negotiating mandate), allowing the Council to enter negotiations with the European Parliament on the proposed legislation on fair access to and use of data (data act).

The data act will give individuals and businesses greater control over their data by strengthening their right to portability and easily copying or transferring their data between different services. This applies to data generated by smart objects, machines, and devices. The new legislation will give consumers and companies more influence over how the data generated by their connected products are used.