Czechia launches a digital ID solution

The Czech Republic prepares for the European Digital Identity Wallet (EUDI) with the launch of its digital ID app, eDoklady.

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A recent amendment to the Czech Republic’s Act on the Right to Digital Services allows citizens to replace existing IDs with a digital version. The eDoklady (eDocuments)a app, developed by the Digital and Information Agency (DIA) and the National Agency for Communication and Information Technology, provides a range of solutions and is compatible with the pending European Digital Identity Wallet (EUDI). EUDI is intended to host a range of identity related documents including one’s driver’s license, diplomas and birth certificates.

Uptake is expected to be in phases beginning with central government services and other government services. Other sectors have up until January 2025 to perform identity verification by way of the app. The project is estimated to have cost the country $500 Czech korunas ($21.8 million USD) to set up, and $50 million korunas ($2.1 million USD) to operate yearly.

eDoklady is the Czech Republic’s second attempt at a digital ID app. eDokladovka, which was proposed earlier by the State Printing Works of Securities (STC) failed to gain enough traction to amend the Right to Digital Services legislation.