Czech Republic adopts national AI strategy

The Czech Republic has adopted a National Strategy on Artificial Intelligence (AI), outlining several key measures in different fields (from research and development to international co-operation) to ‘build the Czech Republic as a model European country for AI’. Starting off with underlining the need to promote science, research, and development, the document outlines plans for the establishment of a network of European Centres of Excellence in Prague and building a national system of centres of excellence. There are also plans to financially support top academic and enterprise AI research and start-ups, and to promote investments in innovative projects. The strategy then talks about creating conditions for the development of AI and introducing AI applications in the public administration. There is also an important focus on education and capacity development, with the Czech government planning to transform the education system ‘with regard to future labour market requirements’ and support the development of lifelong learning and re-skilling. Addressing the impact of AI on the labour market is also part of the strategy, some of the measures including support for disadvantaged groups and regions most at risk due to automation and the preparation of the social system for the new labour market. In addition, an expert platform and forum will be created to review the legal and ethical AI rules, and the AI legislation will be reviewed with a view to prevent discrimination and protect privacy and other human rights. On the international arena, the strategy envisions the country’s active participation in international AI initiatives and co-operation platforms.