Czech intelligence blames Russia for multiple government network hacks

3 Dec 2018

The Czech Security Intelligence Service (BIS) has publicly attributed two recent cyber-attacks against Czech government networks to Russian intelligence services, ZDNet reports. The hacks, which occurred in 2016 and 2017, allowed the attackers to penetrate networks of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the Ministry of Defense, and the Army of the Czech Republic, and access hundreds of mailboxes of the most senior MFA staff, though no classified information was stolen, the BIS disclosed. BIS attributed these attacks to two Russian-linked espionage groups – Turla and APT28/Sofacy – often linked to the Russian intelligence service FSB, and the Russian military intelligence, the GRU, respectively.

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Cyber-attacks can have a background in international relations, or bring about the consequences that can escalate to a political and diplomatic level. An increasing number of states appear to be developing their own cyber-tools for the defense, offence and intelligence related to cyberconflict.

The use of cyber-weapons by states - and, more generally, the behavior of states in cyberspace in relation to maintaining international peace and security - is moving to the top of the international agenda.


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