Cuba Ransomware gang claims responsibility for cyberattack on Philadelphia Inquirer

Cuba ransomware gang claims responsibility for the cyberattack on Philadelphia Inquirer, resulting in substantial disruption to the newsroom, with stolen sensitive data and ransom demands reported, prompting an FBI investigation

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The cyberattack on the Philadelphia Inquirer, the largest news organisation in Pennsylvania, resulting in substantial disruption to its newsroom, has been claimed by the Cuba ransomware gang in a statement posted on their dark web blog. The gang claims that its members successfully acquired sensitive data, ranging from financial documents to source code, from the news media.

On 13 May, the Philadelphia Inquirer detected IT system issues that hindered staff from accessing the content management system and impacted news story publication. As soon as the breach was identified, the IT system was taken offline, and an alternative solution was implemented to publish news stories online. The Inquirer has reported the incident to the FBI.

Cuba ransomware gang, which had crippled the Montenegro government’s digital infrastructure was first noticed in 2020. According to Darkfeed a deep web watchdog the gang has listed 75 entities as victims since its inception. As per the FBI, the gang has attacked over 101 entities, with ransom demands totalling $145 million, of which they have received $60 million in payments.