Criticism of Bangladesh’s use of the Digital Security Act to punish media error

Bangladesh has come under fire for using the Digital Security Act to penalize media mistakes.

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Bangladeshi journalist, Shamsuzzaman Sham, was praised by his coworkers with garlands around his neck when he was released on bail last week. He was arrested under the Bangladeshi Digital Security Act for suspicion of disseminating ‘false news’ concerning food prices.

He is currently dealing with two legal complaints under the nation’s Digital Security Act, and one of those accusations names his coworker, Matiur Rahman, editor of Prothom Alo.

Analysts have noticed a surge in legal harassment of journalists in Bangladesh under this law, frequently under the guise of a security precaution. Some media proponents have complained that authorities arbitrate disputes involving the news media far too quickly by turning to the law rather than the Press Council to mediate complaints involving news media.