COVID pandemic propels Jordanian businesses’ digital transformation

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the Jordanian government endeavors to accelerate digital transformation by introducing ‘Jordanian Strategy for Digital Transformation 2020’ and launching a number of digital platforms to address local needs. That said, ‘many of those platforms were hastily developed due to the pandemic’s urgency, nevertheless, they demonstrated the importance of technology, especially for those who had previously opposed the use of applications and digital portals, which bodes well for the future of government services,’ explained Oasis500 Chairman Marwan Juma. Some challenges could also hinder companies from embracing digital transformation. ‘Internal challenges could include the employees’ ability to adapt and understand the digital transformation process and supply chain, which is why employees must be trained in preparation for digital transformation,’ noted Better Business Founder and chief executive officer Abeer Qumsieh. This could further include the absence of digital signature laws and regulations.