The Court of Justice of European Union decided on the right to be forgotten stating that delisting is to be limited to the EU territory

The Court of Justice of European Union (CJEU) has ruled in Google v CNIL, C-507/17 that the search engine operator can not be required to delist search results on all the versions of search engine (i.e. globally) under Art. 17 (1) of GDPR and Art. 12 and 14 of Directive 95/45, but only those corresponding to the EU Member States. CJEU has defined the territorial scope of the right to be forgotten and the obligation to delist under the EU law (GDPR) only to be the territory of the European Union.

The search engine operator is required to carry out that de-referencing on the versions corresponding to all the EU Member States and to put in place measures discouraging internet users from gaining access, from one of the Member States, to the links in question which appear on versions of that search engine outside the EU.