Content moderator in Germany put on leave after testifying over work conditions

Following testimony about poor working conditions in front of the German Bundestag, a social media content moderator was put on leave by TELUS International, one of META’s content moderators.

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After publicly calling on lawmakers to improve content moderation work conditions, one social media content moderator in Germany has been put on paid leave pending an internal investigation by his employer TELUS International. TELUS International is a well-known provider of content-moderation services for Meta, which along with other social media platforms has faced criticism for years over its content-moderation practices.

Previously, lawmakers in Germany were urged by a group of 300 social media moderators to improve their working conditions. Nonprofit organisation Foxglove, which helped the group to organise, described the move as ‘outrageous bullying’. The moderator in question, Cengiz Haksöz, employed by TELUS International, testified before the Bundestag’s Digital Council last week, saying that his work conditions were harmful and left him ‘mentally and emotionally drained’. TELUS denied allegations and claimed comprehensive care and support are provided for its employees.