Constellation Software confirms ransomware attack

A limited amount of personal data of individuals and data of Constellation’s business partners was impacted by the incident, the company has disclosed.

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Constellation Software has confirmed that its systems were penetrated by threat actors, compromising a small amount of personal and corporate data. ‘The Incident was limited to a small number of systems related to internal financial reporting and related data storage by the operating groups and businesses of Constellation,’ the company’s statement reads. Constellation has reportedly contained the attack and restored the damaged IT infrastructure systems.

The BlackCat ransomware group, also known as ALPHV, has claimed responsibility for the breach, claiming that they obtained access to the company’s network and took over 1 TB of sensitive data. The gang has already leaked some of the files as proof. BlackCat threatens to leak all the stolen data if the corporation rejects the ransom demand and refuses to negotiate.

ALPHV BlackCat Constellation entry
Constellation Software confirms ransomware attack 2

Image credit: Bleeping Computer