Consenna and Microsoft look to bridge education digital divide

Information technology consultancy Consenna announced Microsoft as the principal partner in its Device for Education initiative which promotes digital inclusion in England. Consenna and Microsoft will address the digital divide challenges in the Education sector that sprouted amid the COVID-19 crisis which underscored the role of technology in buttressing the learning experience and addressing the disparities in access to tools. To this aim, during the first year of the initiative, one million devices will be given to students whether through outright ownership, leasing, or a parental contribution model. ‘Increased attention on the vital role of technology in teaching and learning over the past year has shone a light on the mismatch of devices that students use and the challenges that this creates for IT leads and teachers. It has also highlighted that far too many students continue to have no access to a fit-for-purpose device at all,’ noted Consenna chief operating officer Simon Yates.