Competing initiatives to engage with industry players before Europe’s new AI rulebook starts to bite

The EU is engaging with industry players and international partners through initiatives like the AI Act and Code of Conduct to regulate AI. Measures to combat disinformation are being implemented, ensuring readiness for the AI rulebook.

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The European Union is preparing for the implementation of a new rulebook on artificial intelligence (AI) by reaching out to industry players and international partners through several competing initiatives. 

To address the potential misuse of generative AI, the EU has put forth a comprehensive legal framework for AI, the AI Act. In addition, a Code of Conduct is meant to be in place before the end of the year, while the AI Pact is the ‘antechamber’ of the AI Act. 

To fight disinformation, the EU is introducing labels for AI-generated content as part of the voluntary Code of Practice. At the same time, signatories to the Code of Practice on Disinformation gathered in Brussels to discuss the revised initiative’s first year of progress in the wake of Twitter’s withdrawal from the voluntary programme last week. Overall, the initiatives are meant to ensure that industry players and international partners are ready to implement the AI rulebook.