Colombian government suffers cyberattacks by hacktivist groups

The motive of the cyberattacks remains unknown.

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The Colombian government websites have become targets of hacktivist groups SiegedSec and GhostSec, according to threat intelligence platform FalconFeedsio. Allegedly, these groups have claimed responsibility for leaking a substantial 6GB of data, which includes emails, confidential documents, and ID cards. The affected entities include Corponor – Regional Autonomous Corporation of the Northeastern Border, Bucaramanga Municipal Social Protection Fund, District Secretariat Of Government, IBAL SA ESP, Colombian Agricultural Institute, Subred Sur, Central Board of Accountants, and Local Hospital of Piedecuesta.

In a tweet, FalconFeedsio has posted that SiegedSec has claimed that this cyberattack marks ‘our third and final Operation Colombia attack.’ The hacker group further stated, ‘In this attack, we’re releasing databases of government websites, and we have carried out attacks on power supply controllers and fuelling systems.’