Collaborative platforms for digital societies in Asia Pacific

GSMA published the fourth edition of its annual series Advancing Digital Societies at the Mobile 360 Series – Digital Societies conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The 2019 edition focused on Collaborative platforms for digital societies in Asia Pacific which assesses how key markets in the Asia Pacific (APAC) are advancing to be integrated digital societies. To this aim, it provides an update to the progress of each of the 11 focus countries in the region based on five indicators: connectivity, digital identity, digital citizenship, digital lifestyle, and digital commerce. It reports that India, Pakistan, and Indonesia are the countries that were noticeably developed in 2018. The study also calls upon mobile operators to collaborate with start-ups to foster innovation and governments to create an enabling environment for collaboration. ‘This new report highlights the need for strong digital foundations, formed through collaborative digital platforms. These platforms will provide a gateway for governments and businesses to deliver intuitive, simple to access services to the consumer. Without these essential united platforms, 5G and the opportunity it presents, will not be fully realised. Working together will be key to shaping future communicates in the region,’ highlighted, GSMA, Head of Asia Pacific (APAC), Julian Gorman.