Coca-Cola releases ‘Masterpiece’ NFT collection

Launched on Coinbase’s ethereum layer 2 network, the collection is a part of ‘onchain summer’ initiative to celebrate the opening of Coinbase’s Base mainnet. The image depicts one of the NFTs from the collection, inspired by the Johannes Vermeer’s ‘Girl With A Pearl’. Image credit: Onchain summer

 Beverage, Soda, Person, Coke, Art, Painting, Tape

Coca-Cola has released a new NFT collection on Base, Coinbase’s Ethereum Layer 2 network, featuring classic and contemporary artworks combined with the company’s iconic signature bottle to create a unique onchain collectible. Pitched as the ‘Masterpiece NFT collection‘, the collection was inspired by the company’s recent ‘Masterpiece’ ad, which partly used AI technology.

The NFTs are minted on the platform, with prices ranging from 0.0011 ETH to 0.014 ETH. The collection has nearly 50,000 minted so far, and the minting process will end on Wednesday. Coca-Cola previously auctioned four unique NFTs in July 2021, raising over $575,000 for charity.

The initiative is a part is a multi-week event called ‘Onchain summer‘ that celebrates art, culture, music, gaming etc. and celebrates Base’s main net launch. The event brings together over 50 companies, artists, and creators, including Coca-Cola, Atari, and OpenSea, with Coinbase to co-create a series of onchain events that aim to make crypto more accessible, enjoyable, and useful than ever before.