Coca-Cola bottler targeted in a ransomware attack

Viking Cola, a Coca Cola company, appeared on the victims’ list of a dark web blog known as a leak site where malicious actors showcase their latest victims.

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Russia-linked cybercriminal cartel Black Basta is allegedly responsible for breaching Viking Coca-Cola, a prominent American manufacturing company specialising in the production of bottles and cans. As one of the largest Coca-Cola bottlers in the USA, Viking Coca-Cola’s security breach has raised concerns in the cybersecurity community.

The extent of the data compromised by the cybercriminals associated with Black Basta remains undisclosed. However, the gang’s blog post suggests that no data has been leaked thus far, indicating ongoing negotiations between the syndicate and the affected company. The initial report of the breach came from security researcher Dominic Alvieri.

Black Basta gained prominence in 2022 when it rapidly targeted numerous companies in its inception. Since the discovery of their strain of malware, the group has successfully attacked 153 organizations, according to DarkFeed, a dark-web monitoring platform.

Utilising a double-extortion tactic, the gang employs coercive measures to pressure victims into paying a ransom. This strategy often involves the gradual release of stolen data, intending to exploit internal and external pressures on the affected organisations.

Researchers have linked the operators of Black Basta to the infamous Russia-linked cybercrime gang FIN7. FIN7, known for its involvement in the cyberespionage underworld for approximately a decade, further underscores the potential severity of the threat posed by Black Basta.