CMA accepts Meta’s updated UK privacy compliance proposals

The British competition watchdog has provisionally accepted these proposed changes and has invited interested third parties to provide their views on the matter.

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Meta Platforms has agreed to limit the use of certain data from advertisers on its Facebook Marketplace as part of an updated proposal accepted by the UK’s Competition Market Authority (CMA). The request aims to prevent Meta from exploiting its advertising customers’ data. The initial commitments, accepted by the CMA in November, included allowing competitors to opt out of having their data used to enhance Facebook Marketplace.

The British competition regulator has provisionally accepted Meta’s updated changes and is now seeking feedback from interested parties, with the consultation period closing on 14 June. The details about any further amendments to Meta’s initial proposals in UK have yet to be disclosed. The following decision reflects a broader effort by regulators to ensure fair competition and prevent dominant platforms from misusing data.

In November, Amazon committed to avoiding the use of marketplace data from rival sellers, thereby promoting an even playing field for third-party sellers. Both cases highlight the increasing scrutiny of major tech companies regarding their data practices and market power, aiming to foster a more competitive and transparent digital marketplace.