Climate Chain Coalition launches its stocktake report and next strategy at COP27

The report highlights members’ accomplishments and dedication to developing and implementing digital innovations for climate action, indicating the path forward to strengthen the network and enhance its activities.

The Climate Chain Coalition (CCC), a multistakeholder network focused on advancing distributed ledger technology and related digital solutions (e.g. IoT, big data) to address climate response for mitigation and adaptation, released its stocktake report at COP27, Egypt. The document presents a review of the CCC members, showing their priorities for different types of applications, issues/sectors, stakeholders and target users, among other indicators. The data reveals, for example, that although 15 members have blockchain products commercially available, a significant number of members (97) are still researching the use of blockchain.

To continue promoting the CCC membership and partnership, the network launched a new strategy to enhance cooperation among members and other partners, deploy digital solutions, and encourage co-creation and co-leadership to build data and digital infrastructure through Climate Chain Labs to accelerate innovations for climate action.

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