Cisco to open cybersecurity centre in Taiwan

Taiwan, which regularly faces cyberattacks allegedly from China, sees this partnership as crucial.

 Flag, Taiwan Flag

Cisco announced plans on Monday to establish a cybersecurity centre in Taiwan, collaborating with the government to bolster the workforce in this critical sector. The initiative comes as part of Cisco’s Taiwan Digital Acceleration Plan 3.0, aimed at addressing the global talent shortage in cybersecurity and enhancing the island’s digital infrastructure.

Taiwan, a democratically governed territory claimed by China, has faced numerous cyberattacks attributed to Beijing, targeting government officials and tech firms. Although China denies these accusations, the frequency and sophistication of such attacks have prompted significant concern. Cisco’s initiative includes partnering with tech associations to develop a security centre in Taiwan, focusing on improving threat intelligence and cyber readiness.

Guy Diedrich, Cisco’s global innovation officer, emphasised the company’s commitment to Taiwan, highlighting the flexible nature of the digital acceleration program, which encompasses areas such as AI in transport and sustainability operations at Kaohsiung port. While Diedrich did not disclose specific investment amounts, he affirmed that the program allows ongoing investment opportunities.

The launch event, attended by Taiwan’s Vice President Hsiao Bi-khim, underscored the strong partnership between Cisco and Taiwan. Vice President Hsiao expressed gratitude for Cisco’s sustained support and looked forward to potential future investments under the program.