Cisco and EOLO team up to bridge digital divide in Italy

Cisco and a telecommunications operator for the residential and business market in Italy, EOLO, partnered to improve the latter’s fixed wireless access network to extend its ultra-broadband connectivity to rural areas. This cooperation aims to address the digital divide which was highlighted during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 when 3.5 million Italians did not have internet access and lacked quality access to work, learn, shop, and use services online, according to recent data from the third Auditel-Censis report. Moving to 5G, EOLO plans to strengthen its fixed wireless access network with a 400 gigabit Ethernet backbone powered by Cisco 8000 and ASR 9903 series routers to bring internet to more people. EOLO is further strengthening its network and preparing to expand its coverage that currently reaches about 6500 Italian municipalities.