China’s new data agency to accelerate development of national computing network

China is establishing a national computing network with the National Data Administration to address regional digital gaps and enhance capabilities.

Wooden puzzles with data icons and data words. data concept

China plans to operationalise a nationwide computing power network by next year, aiming to balance regional digital disparities and enhance capacity. The initiative, led by the National Data Administration (NDA), is a strategic response to President Xi Jinping’s call for digital advancement and innovation amid global competition.

Liu Liehong, the head of the NDA, at a recent conference assured efforts to enhance data infrastructure and hasten the development of the computing power network. The initiative will enhance data sharing and utilisation, maintaining equilibrium between public and commercial interests while fostering data-driven innovation. The need for rigorous regulation, including standardization of formats, security protocols, and clear data governance policies was further emphasised.

In addition, the launch of pilot projects for data labelling, essential for AI utilisation, was announced, setting the stage for AI advancements across sectors.

This initiative can be located at the backdrop of China’s ongoing technological race with the US, as China intends to boost its computing capacity, currently second only to the US, by 50% by 2025.