China to inspect Big Tech’s algorithms to ensure compliance with rules

China’s cyberspace regulator has announced that it will immediately start conducting in-depth reviews of the algorithms used by websites, platforms, and products, to ensure compliance with the country’s regulation on algorithms. The special operation is expected to continue until the end of the year. China’s new rules on algorithms, which came into effect earlier last month, require that consumers be given the option of turning off personalised recommendations generated by algorithms. Companies are barred from certain anti-monopolistic practices linked to the use of algorithms, and have to make sure that their systems do not contribute to problems of addiction or excessive spending. Services directed at kids must safeguard their physical and mental well-being. The elderly are also protected by special rules. The Central Cyberspace Administration of China said it will conduct on-site inspections and will supervise companies in rectifying, within time limits, any emerging issues in how they use algorithms as part of their services.