Chile takes the first steps toward AI legislation

The Chilean parliament is engaging in discussions for a proposed Bill that aims to address legal and ethical considerations in AI development and usage, aiming to strike a balance between protecting citizens’ rights and promoting the accessibility and advancement of these technologies.

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The Chilean parliament has initiated discussions on a proposed Bill that seeks to address the inclusion of legal and ethical considerations in the development, distribution, commercialisation, and utilisation of AI. The legislation endeavours to strike a balance between safeguarding citizens’ fundamental rights and enabling the development and accessibility of these technologies without imposing excessive hindrances or restrictions.

Based on Europe’s 2021 Artificial Intelligence Act and the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge, and Innovation’s 2021 Artificial Intelligence Policy, the Chilean Artificial Intelligence Bill strives to ensure that AI is a good social force that increases human well-being. The legislation is meant to promote scientific and technological progress for the benefit of people.

The proposed legislation consists of 15 articles aiming to introduce new definitions for AI, define criteria for high-risk or unacceptable AI systems, establish a National Commission for AI, establish an authorisation process, and impose financial and custodial penalties for non-compliance. It will review and update AI technology development, commercialisation, distribution, and usage regulatory instruments.